Everything you need to care, design and construction of your garden!

Nurseries Estepona is a company with over 40 years experience in the Costa del Sol.
Building, refurbishing and maintaining gardens on the Costa del Sol, Sotogrande and elsewhere. Specializing in design, implementation and maintenance of private gardens, estates and parks. Founded by a team of diverse professionals: landscapers, agricultural engineers, gardeners, masons, etc.
We assist in arranging planters, planting, trimming hedges, automatic irrigation facilities, palm trees and cleaning treatments plant protection, land clearing, decoration with plant design to masonry for the garden, terrace enclosures, etc. Our philosophy is based on good treatment and customer service. Therefore, our services and the quality of our products are chosen to meet the needs of customers.
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Variety of Palms

We have a large variety of Palm trees for your garden.
Own production of palm trees; Syagrus romanzifolia, Phoenix canariensis, Washintonias, Tropicales; Yucas elephantipes, Sterlizias nicolai y regina, Dracaenas draco, Beaucarneas recurvata, Furcreas giganteas.

In the nursery you will find all kinds of palm trees for sale, and will also find professionals offer suggestions of what species of Palms should buy, as this group is very broad and of great importance in decorating gardens and landscapes. Palm trees play a role important in the maintenance and preservation of species because they become hosts of birds, animals and people.

Phytosanitary Treatment

Our people are qualified to advise on which is best placed to put your plants or if you wish, move and perform the treatment at home treatment staff.

Special treatment against the Picudo Rojo.
The Curculionido Ferruginoso, better known as Picudo Rojo are destroying palm trees in our area are dying over a thousand per year, only the province of Málaga. Originally from Southeast Asia, from there it has spread progressively through, Middle Eastern, until reach Israel, Egypt and Tunisia, and from northern Africa, as it has come to our shores, hidden on the buds of the palm trees that have been imported massively, to meet the demand for the creation new developments.
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