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Nursery Estepona

40 years experience on the Costa del Sol and Sotogrande !

In Nursery Estepona we have specialized in growing large specimens of Plants, Trees, Palm Trees, Shrubs and Perennials, for use in landscaping projects. While we produce large quantities of some species of tropical and sub​​-tropical plants, widely used in the Costa del Sol, for sale to other nurseries and garden centers. Our Priorities: Create Gardens high quality at a very competitive price !. By producing ourselves more plants in the works everyday gardening on the coast, we can make the sale price thereof and racing advantage over other landscapers. And offer a high quality design at very interesting prices.
We advise you without obligation !. We are moving us to your garden, because we understand that is the only way to choose plants that best meet their needs. To know our nursery please make an appointment to be properly served by a landscaper. Own production of Palm trees: Syagrus romanzifolia,Phoenix canariensis, Washintonias, Tropicales ; Yucas elephantipes,Sterlizias nicolai y regina, Dracaenas draco, Beaucarneas recurvata, Furcreas giganteas.

Variety of Palm trees


Three plants, like in photo 50,00 €.

Centenary olive trees - fruit trees

Centenary olives tree from 389,00 €

Ecological sleepers - Mulching

Ecological sleepers treated in autoclave and dyed by immersion suitable for public use. Measurements: 2.50 x 0.24 x 0.14: 35,00 €, 2.50 x 0.22 x 0.12: 30,00€ Discount by quantity. Mulching of Pino and Encinas bark: 80,00 € / m3

Ficus Tree

Ficus tree 10,00 € (cm of the trunk perimeter)

Washintonias Palms

What we offer ?

Gardens and pools
Professional maintenance of private gardens and communities.
Comprehensive Garden Design
Comprehensive garden design, outdoor decoration, construction, alteration, etc..
Civil Works for gardens
Small gardens civil works for roads, stairs, retaining walls, rockeries, bridges, lakes, fountains, pergolas, decking, etc.

Treatment Plants
Phytosanitary treatments: curative and preventive against processionary, red palm weevil and all pests that attack garden plants.

Technical Report gardening.

Automatic irrigation systems.

Illumination systems Outside

Pruning and felling of trees and shrubbery.

Land and clearings fences